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Crane Hire

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Crane Hire Services
  • Certified Crane Hire
  • Certified Contract Lift
  • Highly Competitive Pricing
  • Free Site Surveys
  • Method Statements and Risk Assessments
  • Crane Operator
  • Appointed Person
  • Crane Supervisor
  • Slinger/Signaller


Certified Crane Hire - Hire of crane and operator to work under your supervision and management.


Certified Contract Lift - Includes the services of an Appointed Person to liaise, carry out pre-task site survey, provide lift plans, method statements and risk assessments, together with a Crane Supervisor, Slinger Signaller/s Crane and Operator to carry out the lifting operation.

20 ton - tadano
Crane Hire
35 ton - liebherr
35 ton - terex
x-hire available
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Boker 35mtr Crane Truck

This guide clarifies the contractual arrangement, duties, responsibilities and risks involved when hiring mobile cranes.

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment regulations 1998 (LOLER) provide details of the statutory provisions for lifting operations. This is supported by the code of practice British Standard Safe Use of Cranes: BS7121 and in particular parts 1 and 3. Both of these documents clearly define the qualifications and duties of all personnel involved.

Under the terms of the standard CPA Crane Hire agreement, the crane and operator are the responsibility of the Customer whilst under their supervision and control. The Customers’ Appointed Person is responsible for planning the lift and all the personnel and equipment involved.

In addition, under CPA Model conditions, the Customer must provide the following insurance cover:

  • Loss of or damage to our plant and equipment whilst on site and under the customers’ control.
  • Loss of or damage to goods whilst being lifted.
  • Continuing hiring charges whilst the equipment is unable to work as a result of loss or damage.
  • Legal Liability – injury to the driver/operator whilst under the supervision and control of the Customer along with injury to third parties, including damage to their property, arising from the crane operations.

For hires under CPA crane hire agreements, it is important to note the following: The Customers’ Appointed Person must have the knowledge, understanding of and training in all aspects of the lifting operation.

The Crane Owner must supply a competent operator and a crane fit for the intended purpose. BS7121 – Safe Use of Cranes gives a full description of such duties. It may be necessary to arrange additional insurance when hiring mobile cranes especially due to the high values of some equipment. This can be arranged by us on behalf of the Customer In summary: under a CPA Crane Hire agreement, it is the Customers’ responsibility to fully plan, control, supervise and insure the crane operation and personnel.

Under the terms of a standard CPA Contract Lift, the crane/equipment, operator and all personnel supplied with the crane (including the Appointed Person) are the responsibility of the Crane Owner. The Crane Owner is responsible for all aspects of the planning and execution of the lift and will provide the following insurance cover:

  • Loss of or damage to plant/equipment caused solely by the owners’ negligence in the performance of the lifting contract.
  • Loss of or damage to third party property caused solely by the owners’ negligence in the performance of the lifting contract subject to:
    • A maximum liability of £10,000 in respect of goods being lifted.
    • A maximum liability of £2,000,000 in respect of loss of or damage to third party property or death/injury to third party persons.
    • (These limits can be increased on request and additional premiums will be charged accordingly.)

It is important to note that a CPA Crane Hire agreement only becomes a CPA Contract Lift when the crane owner supplies the Appointed Person and hence, accepts liability for planning and supervising the lift. Under Contract Lift conditions, the Customer still retains certain liabilities and therefore must have the adequate Public Liability / Hired in Plant insurance in place at all times. Specifying the correct type of contract will ultimately improve safety and ensure that the correct system of work is adopted.